Writers live twice 

It is from a small seed that the giant Iroko tree has its beginning. Today I had a chat yet with another best writer in South Africa. Inspirational moments with Author Kenneth Nkosi, this is what He had to say:

  • How many books have you published? 

Kenneth: I have published two books

  1. You are wired for success
  2. Yes You Can
  3. More than a conqueror- is due to be published soon

Reading brings us to unknown friends- Honored De Balzac’

  • Tell us more about ‘You are wired for success’

Kenneth (excited): It is an inspirational book. I have written this book to share the wonderful news from the bible and advices that will help to shape your life. I have written this book to speak faith into the lives of others, to inspire and encourage them not to give up in life. This book will help you to.move on and begin the journey of finding your true self. It will give you understanding that even when you go through storms in life. You have to be obedient to God’s word.

‘I don’t need an alarm clock; My ideas wake me- Ray Bradbury WD’ 

  • What does writing means to you?

Kenneth: writing to me is life and it gives me an opportunity to reach readers beyond the borders of the country. I write to give hope to the broken hearted, also to influence and change lives.

Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but it in private and wash your hands afterwards-Robert A Heinlein.’

  • What do you think about revolution in writing?

Kenneth: writing has evolved especial in a developing countries like South Africa. It’s humbling to see black South Africans now having the passion to write and to see our fellow country men buying and supporting local writers.

In any situation God is still sovereign, His authority defeats the impossible situation.- Kenneth Nkosi’ 

  • What projects are you currently busy with?

Kenneth: I am currently finalizing my new book on relationship ‘Wisdom from a man’ readers should look out for it.

It has been an enriching conversation between me and Kenneth. When I ask him has he discover the building blocks for success? He says ‘ If you think Nompumelelo success people are a special breed, think again! You have the potential to succeed as the next person. Jesus chose the not so educated people, not famous, and too can be numbered with great.’ Mmmh I am still digesting in all of this Kenneth. Thank you.

To keep in touch with this week guest author. Do visit his social media platform


  • Facebook : @ Kenneth Nkosi/ Kenneth Nkosi inspirational page
  • Instagram : @Nkosips

Reading To Inspire and Be Inspired 

Nompumelelo Afrika Gcaba


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