A born writer


 ‘I do not write because I can, i write because I can’t live without it’ I am reminded of this quote as I chatted with phenomenal woman Carol Nkambule. She is an author, publisher and retailer at MD Kingdom Anchored. This is what she had to say:

  • How many books have you published?

Carol: I have six books that I have written namely:

  1. From the Pit of the Palace
  2. Victorious Youth
  3. Dear Girl Child 
  4. Confessionseat of a parent 
  5. Power filledown word
  6. Faith in Action

All my books are non-fiction.They are Christian based inspirational books. 

    I have always imagined paradise as a kind of library’ 

    • What does writing means to you?

    Carol: writing gives me a voice to nations. An opportunity to impact a wider audience through, inspiration and advice

    • Tell us about ‘From the Pit of the Palace’

    Carol: (smiles) I wrote my first book inspired by Joseph in the bible. His story is about reaching for a dream, forging toward despite challenges. It is about patiently waiting even in the midst of trouble, trusting God to take you to the vision you have embraced. Mostly importantly;  it is about being prepared to undergo training through trials and being prepared to ascend to higher office.

    Bible can at times seem like a book that has stories of people who are extra ordinary to a point that we do not associate with their experiences, yet what they went through we are going through it even today.

    This book is relevant today because we need to know that God is the same and that we are loving our own experiences that also ought to be told for generation to come.

    We read to know we’re not alone-William Nicholson’

    • What do you think about  revolution in writing?

    Carol: rightly put ‘a writing revolution’, as African we are finding the voice, expressing ourselves and writing history today. This is a generation that will be told, preserved and impact the future. It is an exciting time Nompumelelo, we are doing what is written in Habakkuk 2:2-3

    If you don’t like my story, tell yours- Chinua Achebe’

    • What projects are you currently working on?

    Carol: I am writing three books currently 

    1. The one book is a reflection of the prophets in the bible.
    2. The other book is a fiction book that flows from the book ‘Dear Girl Child’.
    3. The other book is an advisory on the voice that speaks to us.

    ‘I will do greater things in life- Carol Nkambule’ 

    I am still at awe moment, after such heartfelt conversation with her. It’s without shadows of doubt, she will reach greater height in life. I am inspired to do more. What I learnt from speaking to Carol is that; it’s important to go after your dreams with everything you are and you have got. 

    To catch up with Carol Nkambule visit her page:

    Reading to inspire and be inspired 😊

    Nompumelelo Afrika Gcaba 


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