Four books that changed My Life!

Books have been my companion for a long time now. Today I will like to share a list of books that changed my life completely, Besides a bible 😊. This is a list below:

  • Bessie Head- When rain clouds gather 

A well written book, I firstly read it in 2006. What I love about this book; it how she presented her characters, how they shared the Spirit of Humanity. This is an African literature. And it address issues of tribalism and the importance of agricultural land. It taught me the relevance of practising the Spirit of Ubuntu. In my native language we say ‘Umuntu umuntu ngabantu’ meaning ‘A person is a person by people.’ My favourite quote “‘Even the trees were dying, from roots upwards’ He said ‘does everything die like this?’ ‘No’ she said ‘you may see no rivers on the ground but we keep the rivers inside us. That is why all good things and all good people are called rain. Sometime we see the rain clouds gather even though not a cloud appears in the sky. It is all in our heart’ “[page 177]

  • Nompumelelo Gcaba- Hidden Treasures of the Cross 

To be a writer I have learnt that, you also write a book for yourself as much as you write for others. I was conceived with this book in 2012. And the journey God has taken me to prepare to realise it has been amazing. Every word which I have written it had to relive it first. Which is why it changed me completely. The heart of this book is about ‘self denial’ it about being selfless in serving others. My favourite quote ‘this made me realise it is not the sacrifice that recommends the heart, but it is the heart which gives the sacrifice acceptance.’ [Page 21]

  • Myles Munroe – Releasing your potential 

For many years, I have been drinking from Dr Myles Munroe’s wisdom. When I started reading his books in 2005, I had no direction in life this book really assisted me in finding my purpose in life. By the time I was done reading it, I was convinced there is special gift I must share with the world. I knew I wanted to leave foot print in the sands of time. I want next generation to know i was here, my gifts next generation must enjoy them . My favourite quote ‘Whatever He is demanding of you, you can do’ [page 68]

  • Dr Bill Winston- The Law of confession 

I recently bought this book. From the few pages at the beginning, I was already taken by storm. I had thought I was going to be told about philosophy of universal Law of confession. This book is greatly written and eye opener. Most times we pay less regards on what we confess with out mouth. Yet what we speak; we call it to manifestation. It changed how I speak, now I am very conscious about what I say. My favourite quote ‘God’s wisdom says you will have what you say.'[page 179]

This is my list. what’s your favourite books that changed your life?

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