Lonely Leaf in the water

Journey of life is full of uncertainty. It’s a life of seasons. While reading this poem by James Fraser, I come to realise that no matter how hard Life goes on. 

LonelyLeaf In The Water 

I watch it fall.                        In spiralling flight.              This browned yellow leaf.   A sadden sight.                 

For not long ago.                   It was alive and so green.     In a canopy of cover.           Above the stream  

I watch it meander.               Around rocks and through eddy’s.                                    On the stream it continued.                             Becoming more unsteady 

It’s protective coating.        Now a shadow of its past.   As the water moisterns.     It’s out on it’s last

It came to rest.                     Between to rocks.                 As the water cascaded.       To the bottom it dropped 

The end of its life.                 But it’s journey goes on.       For nature will use.           This leaf that roamed

I hope you enjoyed it 😊

xoxo.                     Nompumelelo Afrika 


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