I bleed words 

‘A writer is an amateur who didn’t quit’ we have to admit and say, writing a novel is not easy. It requires persistence and alot of self believe. Leleti is one of few writers and bestselling authors who are disciplined and follows this calling of being a writer no matter what. We sat down and had a chat and this is what she had to say

A writer without interest or sympathy for the fables of his fellow man is not conceivable as a writer- Joseph conrad 

Why writing?                    Leleti: I  love writing because I am given the freedom where I can create a world where all things I would like to happen happens,it becomes a magic world, it’s my world where anything is possible for my characters.

Why the book ‘ PMB what dreams are made of’ at this time and age?

Leleti: Most of authors find it easier to write about things that they are familiar with. I studied at University of Kwazulu Natal  (UKZN) PMB campus, lot of things where happening in my surrounding. I started playing around with a concept of this book in my head. I got pretty intriguing and i just thought to give it a shot and see, I wrote a little and shared with close friends. The feedback from my friends was positive and this encouraged me to continue writing more And look now we have the published copy [laughing]

You need to understand Nompumelelo, African fiction is a concept we don’t see alot of or even read enough about. I find it important that we continue to write our stories and tell more of our tales because that is what African people can relate to.

Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of finishing-unknown 
What is the project you currently working on? 

Leleti: I havery just finished the third book in the PMB varsity series which should be released in mid May. I am also working on a children’s book.

What lesson you have learnt about life and love?

Leleti: life is to not be so focused about getting to where you are going that you forget to enjoy the journey.

Love God and yourself the rest will prove much easier.

What are your plans as a writer in next 5 years? 

Leleti: in the next five years I see myself owning a publishing company and helping other self made authors make their way into being published. I also want to widen my writing scope to go into other genre’s such as mystery, drama,thriller and action.It would be great treat to have one of my books adapted into a movies.

You can stay in touch with this best selling fictional author on these media networks 

  • Facebook: LeletiTheAuthor
  • Instagram: leleti_the_author
  • Twitter: @leleti_Author 

Thank you for reading 😊


Nompumelelo Afrika 


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