Hope lives here

This art picture has captured my attention, simply because it shows beyond a current circumstance.

Good things are going to happen. Keep fighting for what you want, don’t worry and have faith that it will all work out.

I found this poem writer is unknown. 

Hope still lives here.              It screams at me to not give up,                                        like a fire suddenly with in my veins.                                    I sit here quietly reflecting on its glow.                                 

Let keep believing and trusting God for the upcoming season in ourlives that promises us better than what we are going through.

I know it’s hard! But you should know it is not over.  I believe something is moving. Seasons do change and know there is God out there. 

Nompumelelo Afrika 


16 thoughts on “Hope lives here

  1. Defiantly an eye catchy pictures couldn’t agree more. This is such a thought-provoking post thanks for sharing dear.


  2. It was probably easier in the old days when the bad guys rode into town wearing black capes or whatever bad guys wore and the milk cows were owned by honest people. Right off the bat, you’d know who you were dealing with. Now everybody dresses alike.


  3. Hope is such a powerful emotion, I can hardly express it. But it is essential to good living I think. We need to hope for something or we end up giving up.


  4. I love that poem. I was actually reflection on something similar this afternoon. Finally the trees are growing new leaves. How amazing, after the brutal winter storms, the cold, they stay planted, change colors and grow.


  5. I love that artwork! And I love your message here. You are right, good things are indeed going to happen. Trust the process. Believe it or not, God did not put us all here to just struggle and die. There is a bigger picture. Lovely message. Thanks for the reminder.


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