How to keep your book in good condition

Technology is advancing these days; more and more people are enjoying ebooks,  however something still amazing about physical books (smell of books is irresistible) One of the challenges about themy there get worn out quickly. We as readers love tons eek our books collection increasing with books in good condition.

Here are ways to keep your books in good condition:

  • Handle your book hygienically-  avoiding to eat while reading, if you must eat it is important to have a towel by your side. Not only does food or drink spoil your book papers by there quickly worn out.
  • Preseeven the book structure- use a bookmark, do not fold (dog ear) the pages and don’t leave a book open when new you are not reading it,  it damages book’s spine. 
  • Store your books in dry place- try to avoid humid places, or plastic bags. Build a book shelf or you can keep them in a box, when you decide to keep your books in boxes, keep them in elevated level. It is also suggested that for good condition books, put each book in a bubble wrap or wrap them in acid free or non-bleached paper.
  • Repair broken book- before there’re in a bad shape, you can use some glue along the crack of the spine to re-attach missing pages or separated cover. You can use again a warm iron on separated spine to soften the glue and reflatten it.

Lastly it is unavoidable that reading it will wear it out over time. Even though the book may not stay good as new, these ideas should help you preserve the longevity of your book for years to come.

Nompumelelo Afrika 


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