Soundtracked books

The aroma smell of Old books has for centuries been a reason why many book readers picked physical books instead of digital one. At the same time, other readers have welcomed the new development with open hands.

With new technological development app emerging-sound tracked books,those are ebooks with sound effects. It has shown positive results over the years.Booktrack app is used by more than 2.5 million users worldwide.

We need to acknowledge that the world is changing in a very fast speed. We need to learn sometimes, to adjust to change.

Book traditionalists have insisted that piped in sounds distract from written word and stamp on the imaginations of readers.

The users of soundtrack books believe it is about time such improvement takes place.

A friend recommended that I tried a soundtrack book this one time. The book was Rich Dad Poor Dad. It was so difficult to focus on what I was hearing.I got so bored from plugging headset and listening. However I think there can work best when you are travelling you don’t have time to stop a car and read.

I love the smell of old books.for now I think i will stick with hardcopy.

But I have this question in my mind: will books without soundtrack one day seem as archaic? 


Nompumelelo Afrika 


2 thoughts on “Soundtracked books

  1. I’m a huge reader. I personally like ebooks the most because of how portable they are. (I take my phone with me and a library of over 100 books comes with me. I know. I own over 100 ebooks, I have a problem). I don’t like audio books though, they’re hard to focus on, and I feel like I’d have to listen to at least a few times to really understand what I read (listened?). Overall I prefer reading my text to listening to it. Good article!


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