Stillness of the sea 

In our everyday busy lives, time to stop, time to reflect is mostly needed. I personally make it a point once in a month to go by the sea and reconnect with with myself. I just go and stare, such practice it rejuvenate me and helps me to clear my head. And I am able to hear God speaks loudly. 

Today I look at Dave Kavanagh’s poem and this fine art picture. And it connects with my deeper inner being.

Here is the Poem:

There is Today.                 A stillness over the sea,  Not a wave nor a scub of foam.                              Stir her to life                No blowing salt flavours the stir air.                      No ripple or undulating flow, no current, no undertow.                 Silent and still she lies.  The surface viscous as silver grey.            Mercury at contained rest, wind from neither east or west.                And even the woven hem.                                She offers to the coast, drops silently. As a whispering ghost, breaking in hust.                And gentle sigh.                And in silence too.            I walk by 


Nompumelelo Afrika 


4 thoughts on “Stillness of the sea 

  1. Thank you for inspiring me to both 1. Go to the sea (or wherever) once a month to just sit, stare and contemplate and 2. Read more poetry. Love the layout of the blog, btw!

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