In season wisdom is attained 

Trees give life to many fruits. Today I will like to share a poem by David wood: Tree of Life. Phenomenal poem

We all start as buds on tree, Miniscule pods on the stem day by day we start to grow Nourished by sun and rain 

our spring brings forth the delicate fragrance of blossom. We begin to shine in our youth

Until wind blows the blossom away. Hues of new green as leaves. Unfurl. And they begin to learn about life. The brightness of innocence taken on the breeze of the day 

As spring turns to summer the leaves turns to summer the leaves on the tree darken their career takes many turn

We all face the end of summer, the leaves fully developed 

Giving shade to birds on hot days

All the leaves united as one. The autumn of our days, sees the leaves enter Golden sunset their russet colours brings beauty in old age 

Gradually the leaves fall, their death marks the end of their days. They decompose in the damp earth their place in time 

But a moment of history the tree stands dormant through the long dark cold winter until springs buds start to form again


Nompumelelo Afrika 


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