3 Tips- to remember what you read

Books are a uniquely portable magic 

Today many people say, they don’t like reading whether it is a books; magazine; newspapers, because they don’t read well. There are many distractions these days like Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram that can easy consume our time; however tradition of reading is still an important skill to acquire.

I will like to share tips I believe is the right way to reading that is effective. If you begin today to put this tips into action, it will change your way of reading forever-It changed mine!

I find television very educating, Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book- Groucho Marx Do

  • Things to remember about reading, be:
  1. Intentional reader
  2. Sensible in highlighting and note taking
  3. Think in pictures 
  • Before picking any book or magazine, it is important to ask yourself what is your purpose of reading. You need to remember how that purpose can be fulfilled. By asking why you are reading what you are reading, it helps to direct your reading purpose. if it for pleasure or to pass time, there is no effort to be put, but if you want to gain knowledge and understanding on particular subject- attentiveness is required.

Most of the time, many people read what is assigned to them; whether at work, or academic. If say your boss gives you a manual without guidelines, you need to confirm what is it that she wants you to understand. Intentional reading you, always learn and remember what you read.

  • Highlighters are used for mental pictures and reminder cue. Most of students use highlighters to identity key parts of a text. It is crucial to think about the meaning of text after you have highlighted. Highlighted text needs to be rehearsed in the context of how it fits with the purpose, why it needs to be remembered? In that sense you will begin to learn new knowledge and fundamental information that you need to remember, also learn how it fits with important material  that preceded it.
  • A picture can capture the essence of dozens of words. Ordinary readers can use to good affect the practice of making mental images of the meaning text [I always used this technique] The highlighted key words in text, for example, if used as a starting point for mental pictures, then become very useful for memorization. One only has to spot the key words and think of the associated mental images. As for students it helps to make mental images of headings and sub heads while studying, hence exams come you will remember most information, you stored in all those mental pictures.

I cannot live without books- Thomas Jefferson’s 


Nompumelelo Afrika 


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