Mustard Seed

I have a mustard seed; and I am not afraid to use it.’

Today I sit and I reflect on how many times we have underestimated small things, because we thought there couldn’t do big things.

And I found this poem by Kucita Setia it summed up everything i wanted to say about believe and Faith. 

Mustard Seed

Must, a seed that does not carry weight                 Unto rich pockets, or       foolish such a way-           Scatter nevertheless, to a Fertile plain may pay,   The rain moisturizes;       Vein awakes                         As the seed brews, a deed   Destines to break:  Row- The seed grows into a stem into a Trunk the Great                               Day trade whose trade is to fish masses for a place;                                     Seats in gold, but on soil  Their pilgrim’s plane       Enter once it’s spread of branches as bird prey to pray:                                       Endless glory invites an egolistic cock to praise     Drill, seven days the seed                                        Creates, a mountain and a lake                             Jesus said that if one has faith as small as a mustard seed                       He/She can do great things 
Kucita Setia  [Singapore]


Nompumelelo Afrika 


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