Stop bullying!

Courage is fire and bullying is smoke- Benjamin Disraeli 

Today I am honoured to chat with bestselling Author Sandhir Sewmungal of a book called ‘Unknown Journey’  which directly deals with bullying. We need to understand that bullying is an indirect act of belittling someone else, or making them feel inferior. It can be verbal, emotional, physical or cyber. Sandhir is the first Author who has stood up against bullying in South Africa. 

Me: Why writing?

Sandhir: writing has always been part of my life. I write to express how I feel inside of me. Writing is my gift, my passion. It has given me a platform to voice out against bullying, as I was once a victim.

Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species- Andrew Vachss.

Me: Why did you write ‘Unknown Journey’ 

Sandhir: The unknown journey is about my survival, I was once bullied physical, emotional even cyber. This book speaks about how I managed to deal with bullying during my schoolling days. We all at some stage of our lives have been bullied. This book also tells of how bullying can damage and destroy all person as time goes by. In South Africa rate of bullying is too high. This book hopes to reach out to thousands victims out there. I speak robustly to victims to stand up for themselves.

Bullying builds characters like nuclear waste creates superheroes. It’s rare occurrence and often does much more damage than endowment- Zack W. Van 

Me: What are you doing to assist victims of bullying?

Sandhir: In 2015 I joined an anti bullying campaign called Chauncey’s Epic Anti Bullying Club. We now go to schools together and educate kids on the consequences of bullying. 

Me: What can you say you those who are suffering bullying in silence?

Sandhir: To those that are suffering bullying  in silence. I want to say i was once a victim therefore you are not alone. There is help available, don’t give up; keep strong and nobody can take your happiness away. Speak Up against bullying.

Me: How did bullying affect you while you were growing up?

Sandhir: When you it first happening i was in denial. I tried avoiding it and it began killing me slowly. It affected my self-esteem and my performance in school. Until one day when I stood up and said ‘enough was enough’. I then seek help and I started dealing with it.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself- Tim Fields 

Me: What are your dreams or Visions as a writer?

Sandhir: My plans in the next 5 years, I really hope that my book can be turned into a movie. I also desire that this message in my book can reach as many people as possible. I look forward to publish my next book soon which will be continuation of my life as a university student.

Sandhir is a real hero. I admire his strength so much. It not easy to fight back, and stand against bullying. I say Big up! We need more people of such character. His book is a must read! I believe we can stop bullying.

You can follow Sandhir by following this link on Facebook:

Instagram:#theunknownjourney/SK Sewmungal 


 Nompumelelo Afrika 


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