Rise Yet Another Nina Simone

Maya Angelou said Yet still I rise,these are words I personally live by and I say to you Black Women: May you not be deterred by any circumstance, for it’s a temporary thing. Black Woman you are capable, because phenomenal woman you are, never forget that.

I tell What freedom is to me, no fear- Nina Simone” 

I am reminded of Nina Simone words as I journey with one phenomenal woman: Nomphepho Mhlaba an Author of When it gets hard.I had the privilege of having her share the experience behind this compelling novel.

If a story is in you, it has got to come out-William Faulkner” 

Me: why writing?Nomphepha:I was born to write, it is a talent to me. I believe God gave me to share it with the world.

Me:Why the book ‘When it gets hard’ at this time and age.

Nomphepha: Growing up without a mother was really painful. I grew up in Mpumalanga in place called Nelspruit. Where every day I will see and envy mother to daughter relationship. This book is  a novel based on this young broken girl, who because of circumstances has lot all hopes. Growing up her love life was as a mess and her father’s drunkenness behaviour after losing his wife and son was devastating.

Me:What do you think about the revolution in writing?

Nomphepha:Because of recent gadgets. I am now able to do my writing efficient and effectively. This is a positive shift in writing world. I am optimistic as I see many young writers emerging with passionate vision.

To survive, you must tell stories-Umberto Eco”

Me:What is your vision as a writer?

Nomphepha: [Laughing] I see myself owning and managing bookstore across the world. 

Life is lesser of a burden, when you surrender it to God-Nomphepha”

Thank you Nomphepho for devoting time out for your schedule for ireadwhatilike.wordpress.com, may you continue winning and changing lives.

She is such a visionary, her book is a must read! She shows us that no matter what you go through in life; get up, dress up and never give up. She concluded by saying “God will give what belongs to you when the time is right.” Mmmh what a wisdom.

You can follow her on facebook @Author Nomphepho Mhlaba

Instagram@ Nomphepho_mhlaba


Nompumelelo Afrika 


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