Unleash your Potential 

‘Strong people make things happen; weak people let things happen.’ Nolundi Mamfengu the bestselling author is our guest Author today. She also a businesswoman and she has dedicated her life in telling her story through books that she has written. When she writes, her soul is set on fire. 

She has published two books. In her books “Open the word ‘faith’” she informs us that she have discovered that the only battle we have as believer in God, is our lack to believe in God’s promises. ‘Our faith gets challenged by many forces hence Paul says we must fight the good fight of Faith.’ In her book she addresses many issues like ; How do we really come to believe, how much faith do we need, taking a step of instruction. This book is a key we need as believers. Somewhere in the book, she says ‘you might not be able to do exactly what I do, but you definitely can do something that I cannot do, you possess a certain ability, you have a talent and gift, which was God’s ultimate purpose when He created you.’ This statement is powerful in preparing us for the journey in achieving our dreams.

She was born and bred in Eastern Cape, her gift of writing which took her a long time to embrace. She compares this gift to an old tale that a baby is born with closed hands because it is holding a gifts. She says she also write to preserve information for the next generation. ‘For if we don’t write, it will soon be wiped out by whirl wind, we would not have known about creation if someone didn’t take time to write about it.’ We need to make it our personal problem as to why we are here. And we need also to uncap potential within us.

Nolundi is currently launching her second book on the 1st of April 2017. Also she is working on realising 5 books by the end of this year. Talking about passion and purpose; nolundi is an example of such.

Live life with purpose and love yourself 

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