Health is wealth 

We know what we eat literally becomes who we are; eating health is a necessary thing to do. I have been looking forward to this conversation with our very own Dr BM [Basil Mhlungu]. I love what Heather Morgan says ‘every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding diseases or fighting it.’ Dr Mhlungu is a medical doctor by profession, and what a better way to ask a Dr for any medical issues.

About his book:Your Health&wellness  he says, He decided to write this book with the aim of sharing information and believing it could have a huge positive impact in the lives of people. ‘The book is a tool to raise awareness about the problem of overweight or obesity causes and complications (lifestyle disenses and psychological impact) but most importantly to equip people on how to keep the weight off.’ This book is instructive guide to better health, you will find in his book better ways on how to make health eating a lifestyle. This book is a must read for all of us. Dr Mhlungu’s book is like a bible- you get to meditate and find guides to a better living. Someone once said ‘wealth is an impossible dream if it’s not accompanied by health’

Dr Mhlungu was born and bred in Kwazulu Natal SA. And based on his observations as a medical doctor, He concludes his findings that our nation is faced with a huge pandemic of an overweight population, causing ill health and lifestyle diseases. In his book Milesh Morar, a personal physical trainer also contributed.

Dr Mhlungu is greatly encouraged by uprising in writing ‘Many writers are now having more courage to pen their thoughts and experiences about subjects they are passionate about.’

He is currently working on getting a book launch off the ground. He is also working on an exciting project with a very dynamic local designer. 

I am learning a lot from his book. He then advices that: we will be a failure in life, only if we give up trying to succeed, that was mouthful.

  • You can visit him on his buzzing Facebook page:@Basil Thobile Mhlungu for more medical advices.

If it is to be, it is up to me


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    One thought on “Health is wealth 

    1. If we all remember that we only have 1 life , then we would do well to look after our bodies and minds . You are your best asset . Therefore, you need to invest in yourself wisely . It is my experience that if people are physically well , it is also easier to deal with mental challenges .

      Overweight and obesity have reached frightening levels in our country leading to high proportions of lifestyle diseases . We all can do something to reverse this trend in us , our families and immediate circles .

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