Prolific writer of our time

​This one is for the black women literature enthusiasts. 

One of the best things about the type of work I do is that I get to interact with some of the great people of this country. I have had chats with awesome poets, artists, entrepreneurs and other (some known) game changers. This experience; if you ask me, is a very humbling one there is so much unnoticed talent out there. Today’s guest author, for I read what I like ; is featuring and celebrating one of those unsung South African talents.
I will like to present to you Tumelo Moleleki; a bestselling author and a prolific writer of our time . Her work includes two well written novels; Her Heart and The Dry tears of a bleeding child. Her heart is a story about people coming together because of destiny. ” destiny has a way of bringing people together”, this is one of the profound quotes found in this marvellous piece of work, Her Heart. A book to share with family, friends and lovers, because Tumelo is a versatile author like that!

While The Dry Tears Of A Bleeding Child is a book that seeks to reach out to those those women who have suffered for years in silence. “The book speaks about  the suffering of one like myself; a black woman. It traverses a transitional period in our era, the opening up of the world to us when apartheid ended. And this woman’s story echoes the lives of many black women as they are living today. The silent tears and the wounds, that don’t bleed physically but fester while we live our everyday life.'” says ausi Tumelo.
This book is a relevant and pertinent one in contemporary South Africa, for it is very powerful and covers so much of today’s (current) affairs. Tumelo is one of those rare authors who have the ability to eloquently write about issues, and at the same time remain relevant.
Writing and reading has always set Ausi apart; these are the two activities that she finds solace in. She also mentions that writing and reading is a therapeutically thing for her, she could do it any all day , every day!!

Tumelo originally from Matatiele says  is emboldened by the revolution she is witnessing in the world of writing. ”Writing in Africa has evolved in great leaps and bounds .”  She say she hopes in the next decade African literature should get to a point where its richness of  and boldness is taken with seriousness across the whole continent, for it is intrinsic for the African child to read. 

Ausi Tumelo is currently busy with children’s book written in one of South Africa’s native languages , and says she is searching for a publisher. She had completed few manuscripts, some of her stories are written in different languages. She believes it is necessary for Africans to learn other African languages, in order for us to remain united in our diversity.


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