Advocate for Change 

‘Life is a beauty we can not fathom, but we are constantly creating life by giving to the world the best version of ourselves.’


  • Age: 24
  • Number of books published: 1
  • Region: KZN SA 

I have always believed that some people are born for special reason. There is saying that says ‘In the world, we are all actors and each every one of us has a role to play.’ And there is no one  who best display this other than Xolo Songca. The gifted of African Code. He is a Pan Africanist of note. I had a chance to chat to him.Boy! Xolo is such talent.

I asked him why he chose writing, He believes he was born to write. It is his gift and passion ‘writing is the best way I can bring forth my message and my ideas to people’ in his book called: The African Code, He explains that this book is a manuscript composed to educate, provoke questions and curiosity in the black community.’I believe there could not have been a better time than the present to speak of these issues, my book offers fundamentals on how we can achieve our political and economic means peacefully and strategically.

Xolo has the assertion that writing revolution, will have to take strong foothold especially in South Africa ‘We live in a country where we have freedom of speech.’

He is currently working on his next book Get Political  which I am excited about and so looking forward to read and share. He also mention that he is working on a documentary which will involve a range of acts and actresses. One thing I picked out of this interview is that, this young zealous man, is really by saying affectionate about African and her people and portrays it through his writing. He concludes by saying that, he is an advocate for game changers and hard working Africans who hell bent to overcome anything despite their background.

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  • Instagram @Xolo Songca 

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