I dream my painting and then I paint my dream

I am fascinated by Amie Williams paintings, these days.

I admire art paintings.And I try to understand what does it means from an artist perspective.

I had an opportunity to review  Amie William’s work, and this is what she has to say 

The greatest inspirations for my paintings have come to me from widely varied influences in my life. I paint my darkest memories and emotional pain, and I paint from daily pleasures and wonderful experiences in my life. I capture a sensation, an emotion, or a distinct memory; hence, my work is an embodiment of both my spirit and my soul: the good and the bad. In my current work I seldom abstract from a specific being or object in the material world. Instead I chose to incorporate emotive color, abstract shapes and surface texture to create a visual metaphor. My most satisfying moments have come to me while working at a canvas. With the flick of my brush, a dab of color, a curl of paint, I have expressed my individuality and uniqueness in front of me. The result: when people admire my work, they see directly into my soul, which makes me extremely happy, and at the same time, even appreciative for the many experiences and people that have shaped my life and made me the person I am today.


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