Chimamanda’s young version 

We are all pregnant, let’s give birth to our dreams 


  • Age: 31
  • Number of books published: 2
  • Region: KZN DA

I decided to converse over a coffee with our Chimamanda’s version in South Africa I call her. Busisiwe Khumalo is embodied with such unique gift, that South Africa is blessed to have.

She believes writing is nothing more than a gift to a person. She honestly say writing is not easy as many people think. She related her process of writing to giving birth, where joy is completed once the baby is in hand.

About her first novel Raymond Our Husband(21st century polygamy) this is what she had to say ‘I love writing, I decided to write about polygam because is more like a sensitive topic that seems like it’s foreign to us, but it’s African.’ I can see passion in her eyes, when telling African stories,that many people are afraid to talk about. This is a powerful novel. It reveals the controversy events that we go through as society.

Busisiwe has confident in a revolution of writing especially in Africa. She is happy that many young South Africa’s are writing interesting stories that we can relate to, on a personal level.

She has currently published her 2nd novel Trio Covenant and she is also working on her 3rd novel, she shared with us that this one will sweep readers off their feet. She has described her future as one with writing and more writing. ‘We are pregnant our dreams; let’s watch them grow to be what we want them to be.’

  • Facebook:Busisiwe Khumalo
  • Instagram:Busisiwe Khumalo 

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