Walk for all occasions 

I am often accused to be a fast walker [that why my mother doesn’t go shopping with me anymore]. I have taught myself to walk, a walk of purpose in all seasons and occasions in my life. I have been so determined not to succumb to anything.

In this road of greatness; I know no life ever grows great expect, knowing this walk is not a sprint but rather a marathon. it will require believe, focus, dedication and Faith. I know that in consistency of this requirement lies power.

You need to understand this behind my walk : My Mission and passion for this country and the world, is too great to hold me back. My country need my contribution.

Herman Mashaba wrote this from his book ‘I knew that education was imperative, if I was to move up through life… I  didn’t just want the gold watch when I retired in 25 years time, but I wanted to own the gold mine.’ This quote always stir fire in me.

As you walk through this season of festive. remember to keep the same walk of integrity and loyal to your course in life. 

Nompumelelo Afrika 


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