Shadows of Black women 

We[women] have become shadows of ourselves. What is left of us, is an image of who we used to be.

This issue was awaken by a recent incident i encountered in a lift. Which forced me to draw several conclusions that has  endanger the life of an African women.
I jumped into a lift the other day. My thoughts were racing to where I was going. I glance I was left with this fine Indian lady in the lift. Her phone ringed, while answering she accidently drops some of her things. I helped her out. While preparing my English accent, she quickly made few comments in my native language. I was impressed. when I took a close look at her, NO she was no Indian. I was confused trying to catch my thoughts. She shamely jump out.
I spent the whole day contemplating: If we try to be them, who is trying to be us? 
Currently African women image has been falling into shadows, WHY? I believe firstly many of ‘us’ are surprisingly dissatisfied in who we are. For so long our image has been neglected both by outsiders and us! We have grew dissatisfied in who we are as women and hating our bodies. 
Secondly I believe we don’t know our purpose as women, we have depended so much on what media and the point of view of others define us. We need to find our purpose and seek God’s purpose for creating us.
And lastly we have failed to be authentic. We have failed to live authentically, hence we have not lived in Freedom. We always felt we needed to fit in. We have forgotten our unique values and worth.
Let us learn to accept and celebrate our uniqueness..
We need to redeem ourselves before it is too late.

Nompumelelo Afrika


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