we are good

It seem we strive endlessly to ‘be good’ or ‘do good’ instead for us to realize we are good. I still remember the day when i gave birth to my lovely daughter Sphosethu. The joy  that flowed my being. It was so easy to love her, i learnt through her what unconditional love meant. All the years as she grew older, anxious grew in me.i asked myself if i was doing a good job as her mom. i know i am not alone with such consistent thoughts.

These thoughts have robbed us from joy completely. we have these delusion that ‘perfection’ is the price to pay for love. As my daughter didn’t do anything to earn my love for her, i feel when it comes to God as well, we intend to tie ourselves knots to impress God.

In my weekly read book, this week : Made for Goodness by Desmond Tutu I reviewed, i quote ‘Goodness is not the coin with which we anxiously pay for God’s love. Our Goodness is rather the recognition we offer and the thanks we return for the gifts and the love already given us’ This book have been eye opener for me.




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