The mind is a battlefield

In all my life I have seen people win and loss battles. I have been battling in my own mind to win this battlefield of my thoughts. I recently dusted up a book by Joseph Prince which titled:  The power of right believing. My eyes were fixed in the statement Joseph make ‘wrong beliefs and thoughts will keep you defeated, right beliefs and thoughts will launch you toward your breakthrough.’  I grew up have clouded my mind with thoughts and beliefs like: who do you think you are, things will never change for better, just accept your lot. A pivot happens one Sunday at church, my pastor taught in a subject of ‘renewing your mind’. I have imprison myself with thoughts of defeat, failure and guilty for long. I felt it was time for me to break free from strongholds. These strongholds cannot be destroyed with physical weapons. It could only be utterly torn down by rightly believing in God’s word, and also allowing the word of God to saturate our minds.

by Nompumelelo Afrika Gcaba


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